The Last Sunset: Longmire meets Preacher!

“A rollicking ride, passionate, powerfully compelling.”

“The stakes are higher than ever in the latest chapter of this outstandingly entertaining series.”

“A finale that will leave you covered in blood and begging for more.”

“In a refreshing twist on the standard vampire lore, vampires experience death every dawn and are separated from their bodies until nightfall brings their spiritual form back to the corporeal. A fantastic series!”

“A terrific, original piece of vampire lore. It’s never a dull moment in Lone Pine, sometimes it’s scary, and sometimes it’s downright heart-wrenching. This final volume is no exception.”

“This is a fantastic and slightly off-beat series and I’m sad this is the last one and we’re saying goodbye to these guys.”

“Longmire meets Preacher!”

“These two authors nail every detail about ranch life, horses, and probably Vampires, perfectly.”

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Lenny: An interview with Tucker’s best friend

Joining us today from the pages of The Cowboy and the Vampire Collection is Lenny, a survivalist and improvised weapons expert with some peculiar political views. He’s the long-time friend of Tucker and has, by necessity, become an expert in making weapons capable of dispatching the undead.



Hello Lenny, welcome. What did you bring with you today? This? It’s a reverse surveillance tracker I made out of an old cassette recorder, a GPS unit and an electric toothbrush. I want to be able to monitor whoever it is monitoring this conversation to find out where they are broadcasting from.

Lenny, is fair to say you are a conspiracy theorist? Not really, no. “Theorist” implies that it’s hypothetical. There’s nothing in doubt here. I prefer to think of myself as a conspiracy realist.

Can you describe a few of the plots you think are real? You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Pardon me? I mean, you’re part of the mainstream media. You’re in on it. You have your role to play, keeping us distracted and uninformed, and you’re doing a great job by the way, but I know you’re in on it. You’re all in on it.

What is “it,” exactly? Only the single largest transfer of wealth since the 19th century rise of the robber barons.

And the wealth is being transferred to … ? You are really going to make me say it, aren’t you? Off planet.

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Ask a Cowboy!

Dear Cowboy,

People say, “find what you like and what makes you happy.” Here’s the crazy thing: I don’t seem to do so well around people, but when I get around horses, I feel really happy. I would love to learn more about horses and spend time with them, but I don’t know anybody who lives near and has horses. They say, “ask and ye shall receive,” so I’m asking: How can I learn about horses and maybe meet a nice, caring cowboy in the process?

Signed, Fort Lauderdale Girl

Dear FLG, thanks for writing. Right off the bat, I can say we have something in common: we both like horses better than most people. And for good reason. Horses don’t talk nonsense all the time. They’re kind and gentle and loyal and smart, and they don’t steal your favorite whiskey and run off with your best friend. (Sorry, I think that last part might be what they call “over-sharing,” or “unresolved issues.”) But suffice it to say, I sure get where you’re coming from, and want to try and help you find a way to spend some time with horses and maybe a cowboy too. Now, last I heard, Florida was not known for being a huge cowboy state — aside from a pretty interesting history of “crackers,” cowboys that used whips to gather cattle rather than lassos and whatnot. But that was a long time ago, and you want to find some cowboys and horses in the here and now. Could it be that this is a matter of changing up your definition of a cowboy so you can broaden your search a little? Let me tell you what I mean… Read more cowboy wisdom here!

New review, five-oh-yea-stars: “Grabs you from the first page!”

“With a unique take on vampires, The Last Sunset is a stellar conclusion to a fantastic series with choice elements from romance, paranormal, horror, and westerns. Perfect for a pool-side, long flight, or even just a lazy Sunday read.”

The Last Sunset is the fourth book in the Cowboy and the Vampire series. This time around, everything Tucker holds dear is once again threatened. A sinister cult obsessed with death ruthlessly hound vampires while recruiting lost humans in the hopes of taking over the world. Tucker’s lost love Lizzie serves a vampire queen attempting to civilize her tribe into honoring the rules and hunting only when necessary. The cult, Lizzie and her kind, and Tucker all collide in LonePine with the fate of the world in the balance. In a refreshing twist on the standard vampire lore, vampires experience death every dawn and are separated from their bodies until nightfall brings their spiritual form back to the corporeal. >> Read the full five-star review at INDIE REVIEW  #lastsunset

To vegan or not to vegan, that is the question

Book Review: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

“Farming by proxy,” a concept and phrase attributed to novelist and activist Wendell Berry, provides a philosophical anchor for Jonathan Safran Foer’s excellent book Eating Animals. Said another way, our choices matter. This sentiment girds the author’s quest to understand the implications – ethical, economic, environmental, cultural and personal – of one’s individual choice to eat, or not eat, meat. As readers, we follow along on his quest for knowledge and insight, and uncover information as he does.

An on-again-off-again vegetarian throughout much of his adult life, Foer is determined to commit one way or the other, motivated by the need to make a decision about how to nourish the body (and the development of an ethical framework) of his newborn son. Babies have a way of catalyzing reflection in their parents. Read the rest of this entry »