Praise for The Cowboy and the Vampire Collection

The Last Sunset grabs readers from the first page and never lets go. Even for new readers, ir-sticker-approved-sticker-2Hays and McFall’s story is captivating, the characters are vibrant, the world lived-in, and the mythology uniquely engaging. Scene setting, be it in the snowy Russian vampire stronghold or the dusty town of LonePine, grounds the story perfectly. Dialogue captures the character’s nuances nicely without falling into the cliché. Each character has a distinct voice with little tics that make it easy to keep track when a crowd is speaking. The fun story, the amazing characterization, strong world building, and polished writing keep adding layer upon layer of polish on an already shining paranormal western gem. With a unique take on vampires, The Last Sunset is a stellar conclusion to a fantastic series with choice elements from romance, paranormal, horror, and westerns. Perfect for a pool-side, long flight, or even just a lazy Sunday read. IndieReader 

All good things must, eventually, come to an end — including vampires. Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall have penned the fourth and last book in The Cowboy and the Vampire series. “The Last Sunset” brings a close to the tale of Lizzie, Tucker and the rest of the gang with a finale that will leave you covered in blood and begging for more. It’s sexy, it’s funny, it’s scary, and it will get your heart jumping like a pickup truck on an old county road. Renee Struthers, East Oregonian

Bullet-riddled and blood-soaked, The Last Sunset smartly weaves a narrative between the threads left loose at the end of the last book, while sprinting through its action-propelled plot. The writing team of Hays and McFall keeps getting better and better. As the tension builds, the estranged lovers will have to work together to protect the ones they love and find a way to prevent the Guild from sacrificing the world in the name of its ancient god. But Tucker is a proud man, and Lizzie still believes her decision to desert him was for the best. At times graphically violent, provocatively sensual, and even existential, this novel maintains the series’ reputation as a thrilling page-turner that will satiate its readers’ desire for compelling action conveyed through a saga of undying love. The stakes are higher than ever in the latest chapter of this outstandingly entertaining vampire series.” Kirkus Reviews

A terrific, original piece of vampire lore, and unlike a lot of the books I read and love in the genre, it manages to be full of blood and violence, while never losing its essential heart. The characters — even the secondary ones — are all so rich and multi-layered, it’s hard not to get involved with them and care about their fates. Even Rex the dog has a distinct personality that makes him an essential member of the ensemble. I’ve kept up with Tucker, Lizzie, their friends, enemies, and frenemies over the years. The journey has been a twisted tale, rocketing up and crashing down, jolting with adrenaline and lust, sobbing and chuckling, and looking over your shoulder, frightened of what might be hiding in the shadows. This final installment doesn’t disappoint.” Bloodthirsty Muses

A rollicking ride, passionate, powerfully compelling. As blood flows and bullets fly, immortality and love are put to the test. Fans of Westerns, Gothics, romance and thrillers alike will find a gripping story line that’s unpredictable and hard to put down. Hays and McFall do such a fine job of integrating setting, characters, and past events into the bigger finale’s picture that even those with no prior familiarity with the series will find it easy to become thoroughly engrossed in this last episode told in The Last Sunset.  D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Expect to be shaken. The third installment of the Cowboy and the Vampire, Rough Trails and Shallow Graves, is a dark road through love and sacrifice. The duo nature of this story rings throughout, in the hope and struggles that Lizzie and Tucker face, the evils of man vs. monster, and the quirky adventures of contrasting characters such as Elita and Lenny teaming up to save THE DAY, makes for a very fulfilling and enjoyable read. McFall and Hays know a thing or two about the harmonic nature of dark comedy and western gothic, and they share that magic in many surprising twists and turns in this book…Unlike books one and two, book three takes the reader towards a conclusion no one expected, a conclusion that after all Lizzie and Tucker managed to suffer through, was inevitable and leaves the reader pleading for more. Five stars! It’s that good. Read the full review from author Erin Cole

Kirkus Badge for Best Books List 2014Riveting. Love and blood in the modern West. Introducing racial issues isn’t the only adjustment the authors have made to the vampire mythos, but it’s more than just the details that set this series apart. Rather, it’s the way the authors utilize those details to create meaningful conflicts and world-altering choices for the characters. While a number of existentialist underpinnings give the series some depth, the book is first and foremost a thriller, upping the ante in every chapter as bullets fly and relationships strain under the weight of old loyalties and new revelations. In a way, it’s a shame more time isn’t spent exploring the existence of this meta world where consciousnesses wait out the daylight hours and immortality has all sorts of ramifications for human spirituality. But with strong writing, funny characters (no irony is lost on one vampiress who takes to sporting a “Future Farmers of America” jacket) and plenty of action, it’s hard to fault the authors for keeping the focus on a story this riveting. Kirkus Reviews (Blood and Whiskey)

A Zany Grey Romance! As a vampire novel, The Cowboy and the Vampire is sure to satisfy Dracula fans’ expectations. However, this book has a little something extra to offer readers. A little something that harkens back to the days when man fought against the wild in the name of civilization. Hays and McFall have succeeded in mixing the Western genre tropes with the Gothic conventions to create a zany grey romance.  Writastic Thoughts from the Thinking Realm

Definitely not your ordinary cowboys and vampires! The authors have managed to blend traditional cowboy clichés with a truly gothic, yet modern, vampire atmosphere. The have added unusual twists to the vampire mythology, such as the references to a vampire Bible. The authors are extremely gifted writers; the dialogue is brilliant: all the characters have their own speech patterns, accents, their very own voice; they all sound as unique as they are. Fresh Fiction

One of the weirdest stories I have ever read. It’s right up there with Neil Gaiman’s man-swallowing woman parts and talking tents. Instead, here we have rocket-launching, womb-sucking, Bible-bending, non-pointy-toothed vampires. And love. And cowboys. Depending on what you are looking for, that might be a good thing. If I had to liken this book to a movie, it would either be to Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, or maybe more appropriately, Quentin Tarantino’s From Dusk to Dawn. The Avid Reader 

The Cowboy and the Vampire: A Very Unusual Romance is one of the funniest and most engaging books I have read in a long time. Jam-packed with adventure, vampires, true love, and a cast of characters you will not soon forget, you find yourself turning the pages thinking, “What more could possibly happen to these two?” And then, you find out. I never imagined the melding of a contemporary western and a paranormal romance could ever be so seamless or so much fun. Bitten by Books

Hooked from the first page! As a person who hasn’t read the first book in this series I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. I mean I knew as soon as I read the summary I would like it but I didn’t expect the book to have me laughing out loud so often and I mean real laughter not the bemused chuckle you have when you see something cute. Turning the Page

WOW! I have to say right off that while I really enjoyed the first book in this series, The Cowboy and The Vampire, and Blood and Whiskey blew me away!  Where the first book covers a lot of the history of the vampires, the lore and all that, this one just jumps right in to the action and never stops. Dive Under the Cover

A choice and very much recommended read, not to be missed. Relationships are tumultuous when they may only last a few decades, but when they last eternity, it can get more difficult. “Blood and Whiskey” is a novel of adventure, horror, and cowboys as a follow up to previous novel ‘The Cowboy and the Vampire’, as couple Tucker and Lizzie retreat to a tiny town to of LonePine, hoping to settle down, but the reality of the Vampires on their trail may make that an impossibility. A riveting read that explores many concepts on top of the intrigue of vampires in the lawless lands of the west, “Blood and Whiskey” is a choice and very much recommended read, not to be missed.  Micah Andrew, Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Campy and cool, these authors know how to rock the vampire world and turn the Wild West, wild again as they conquer everything you thought you knew about vampires and their associates! Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall are original and entertaining authors. Brilliant!  A Bookish Libraria

A page turner! A new sub-genre of Western Paranormal Romance with their cowboys and vampires! A perfect blend of vampire politics, good vs. evil and southern accents deliver a unique story that will satisfy any vampire fan. I couldn’t get enough of this supernatural world and am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the colorful characters of LonePine! Romancing the Dark Side 

An awesome mix of funny, evil and sexy, with loads of interesting vampire politics, wacky characters … witty one liners and enough action to prevent you from putting the book down! Hays and McFall did it again.  For The Love of Reading blog

The authors mix humor, the Wild West, vampires, metaphysics, religion, and geology into a story that will keep the most finicky vampire fan wanting more. Bertena Varney,

If you’re looking for a combination of sex, blood and Western romance, pour yourself a shot of the good stuff and settle in for a wickedly good read. Renee Struthers, East Oregonian Newspaper

Favorite quote: “Vampire-sicles,” Tucker said. “There’s a flavor that ain’t gonna catch on at the Tastee Freeze next summer.”  Blood and Whiskey definitely kept me laughing throughout most of the book. The humor was both light and dark, but always tasteful. Overall, I absolutely loved it! I can’t wait for more from these wonderful writers. Reading Lark After Dark

No sparkly vampires here. Personally speaking, if this is just the first offering in a series, I can’t wait to read the second. If you enjoy gutsy, hunky cowboys and take charge, no nonsense New Yorkers, I would definitely recommend picking this up and giving it a try. Once started, I found it hard to put it down.  Cocktails and Books

Superb! I absolutely love the writing of Clark and Kathleen, they keep things interesting. There’s enough sex to make things spicy, but it isn’t a romance. I’d compare these books to Anne Rice’s books. I can’t wait to see what happens next!  A Chick Who Reads Blog (review of Blood and Whiskey)

Like its predecessor, Blood and Whiskey is full of action, goofy but lovable characters, and so much humor that your sides will ache by the time you are finished reading. I love that the authors worked in several different races of vampires and gave each a bit of history behind them. Being a huge lover of backstory, having that kind of information enriches the story for me. Also, I always really enjoy the way vampires handle their politics-–it is fascinating and much more amusing than the human version. Blood and Whiskey combines action and emotion with unforgettable characters and an off-kilter sense of humor into one fascinating bronco ride of a story. Bitten By Books 

This was such an awesome story. I enjoyed every minute of reading it. Vampires and cowboys – it doesn’t get any better than that! Loved it! Granted, I started reading the second book first, but in all honesty, Blood And Whiskey can stand all on its own. It’s THAT good. Will definitely catch up on the first books soon, though, as I’d like to know more about Lizzie’s story and the Undead apocalypse. A great read and definitely a worthy recommend!  Simplistik Halloz Books

I friggin LOVE this book! Fangs, Felines, Fins & Fun Fiction

Kathleen with her scientific and journalistic background and Clark being the poetry writing cowboy brought their two worlds together and ended up with this incredible taleThe Cabin Goddess

Deliciously dark, witty. Booklist

Great entertainment for anyone! The vampire history is ingeniously crafted and well interwoven with existing legend, leaving you wondering whether vampires might actually exist. Written with wit and humor, this is sure to entertain. A must-read for vampire-lore fans and anyone who enjoys a charismatic story well-told. Melissa McPhail, author of Cephrael’s Hand

Sex and the City meets Zane Gray meets Anne Rice Hays and McFall have perfect pitch in portraying the Western Genre in addition to the newly popular genre of Paranormal Romance. The characters are perhaps as mix matched as the authors themselves, but manage to blend and compliment one another perfectly. This unique combination is not one I would have ever thought to put together, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with the characters in this book nonetheless. I thoroughly enjoyed the unique twist on the mythology of the bible and biblical themes. The character of Lazarus is a nod to the bible’s first undead or reborn. Julius is as power hungry as Julius Caesar himself and Elita is nothing if not the perfect Elitist. Dad, Lenny and Rex ground this crazy, but carefully crafted tale of romance and mystery. The Cowboy and the Vampire is a wonderfully sexy, dark and delicious read that you will want to sink your teeth into. I know I couldn’t get enough! Author Cari Vaughn

I am a Fan! I enjoyed The Cowboy and the Vampire; the quirky characters, the new mythology of vampires, and the focus upon the uncertainty between evil and good. Especially appealing to me were the personalities brought out through behavior of Tucker’s dog, Rex, and horse, Snort. No wonder Tucker’s dad turned to the vet for help. With family support like that, how can a Cowboy in love go wrong? Joanna at Luxury Reading

Embark on Tucker and Lizzie’s journey into the dark world of vampires, secret ancient heritage, and their fight to save humanity, with the help of a cowboy and his posse, which includes his peculiar father, weapon/conspiracy-savvy friend, and his faithful, canine companion, Rex. Read the full review at Erin Cole Writes.

The Cowboy and the Vampire gets new blood.  Apparently vampire novels, like vampires, are immortal. Eleven years ago, Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall wrote a novel called “The Cowboy and the Vampire.” It combined their interests — Hays grew up on a ranch, McFall was curious about religion and history — and was an experiment to see whether they could live and work together. The experiment was a success. Hays and McFall got married and now live in Portland. “The Cowboy and the Vampire” sold about 10,000 copies, not bad for a first novel by two unknowns… Jeff Baker, The Oregonian; read the full article! 

Rawhide romance with bloody fangs. While mashing up all the stereotypical plot elements of Paranormal Vampire and Contemporary Western Romance, The Cowboy and the Vampire delivers unremitting fun, and a damn good read….read the full review here. Diana Troldahl, 

Writing duo Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall has succeeded in writing a unique story among all the vampire books that are out there today. Bertena Varney,

Go ahead. You’re trying not to laugh at the title. Let it out! It’s funny and so is the book. Get a few pages into The Cowboy And The Vampire and you’ll be laughing with them, not at them. This book is the story John Carpenter’s Vampires tried to be and failed so miserably. Here are your contemporary vampires and vampire hunters, fighting it out in the wild and woolly West. Hays and McFall have taken a grave situation and made it more than the standard vampire-worship tale. There is grief, loss, and pain on a human and inhuman scale, but there is so much more. The humor in The Cowboy And The Vampire is far from the slapstick of previous creations; the wit, sly and adult. And, perhaps best of all, the characters are complex and unpredictable. Each creature is an individual, not a type, not a tin soldier to be moved around without thought. SF Site Featured Review – Lisa DuMond

And now for something completely different The Cowboy and the Vampire, the most original, humorous and romantic novel I’ve read in 1999.

Clark Hays was a genuine cowboy and Kathleen McFall grew up on the East Coast. Together, they have crafted a piece of magic. Their version of vampire history and culture is intriguing and creative, as is the relationship vampires share with “Adamites.” The vampires, from Julius’ seductive consort Elita to his arch enemy Lazarus (yes, the original Lazarus) are complex characters with fascinating quirks.

It’s Tucker and his fellow cowboys who make the book. Tucker is my kind of hero. Despite his no-nonsense approach to life, he takes each new shocking revelation in stride, never wavering in his devotion to Lizzie. The contrast between the garish world of the Undead and the simple life of the cowboy is mined for every bit of irony and sly humor. The Cowboy and the Vampire never takes itself too seriously, but it still manages to be extremely romantic and sweet, despite several graphically violent scenes. I read slower and slower as I neared its conclusion because I was reluctant to see it end.

The Romance Reader – Susan Scribner. Read the full review here.